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Who to speak to?

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MG08 Tue 07-Jan-20 12:36:08

My husband and I separated just over 3 months ago. We have been together 10 years and throughout our whole relationship his mum has tried to cause issues and effectively get rid of me. She caused issues in general day to day life, she caused issues when we got engaged, bought a house, got married and had a baby. I have texts between my husband and I where we discussed her behaviour and he said she never listens to anyone else and only cares about herself. My husband is now saying none of this happened and his mother never did anything to me, and if she did, she had every right to.

She had basically told him all these things I'm supposedly doing to keep them away from my daughter, none of which is true. She came and screamed at me in my own home and his dad threatened me. My brother in laws girlfriend also messaged me and questioned how I can call myself a mother because of how I've behaved. Since separating my husband is now saying they were all justified in doing these things. My MIL treats my BIL's girlfriend like a saint so that makes me look even worse as its only me she has treated so badly.

I feel like they are trying to make me think I'm going crazy. He is denying situations that happened and they all constantly say how horrible I am.

I think I need to speak to someone, his family all appear to be narcissists but I am now doubting myself and being made to feel that it is all me, despite several people who have known how things have been over the last 10 years saying otherwise.

I don't think general counselling would be enough, I feel like I need to tell someone everything my husband is doing so that they can validate my belief that he is a narcissist and that I'm not going crazy. Does anyone know what kind of service I would need to contact please? I feel like it is emotional abuse and coercive control, but again I'm being made to feel that it couldn't possibly be.

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