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Must be crazy

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Tiredwiff Sun 22-Dec-19 04:44:23

Why do I feel so bad about leaving my husband, I know I did the right thing deep down inside,So why do I feel this way.

He was very verbally aggressive to me an my 4 children,
He never helped out financially (only when he wanted) never when needed.
He spent up most of the money on weed.
He never help clean EVER!
he complained about everything.
& Hit me over 8 times.

Of course I'm not perfect he said.
I didn't listen,
I would sometimes fall asleep with his penis in my mouth😳.( I worked long hours an he would make me feel so bad about being sleepy so I would try! EPIC FAIL)hmm
I more than often forgot what he said.
I made excuses he said
I left him in the middle of the night over 4 times. (Causing him abandonment issues).
Why do I still care about him
I must be sick?🤒_
Currently left an not going back I'm over it_confused
Married 9 years

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sloth80 Sun 22-Dec-19 14:57:33

I feel similar. My DH is very supportive financially but is not "present" in life outside work generally. He makes life with me and the kids seem like a chore. I feel guilty as he might not cope very well alone but deep down I'm fairly sure it's time to go our separate ways. Listen to your heart. You deserve more

Tiredwiff Sun 22-Dec-19 20:08:16

Yes a chore is a very great way of saying it..

An yes i feel so Free an just different
Sad at times.
Yet every day is getting better
I do deserve this an this is why I'm sticking to it this time around.

SN: I honestly hope that your marriage gets better, before it gets worse.

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