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Dad filed charges with child protective services and took child

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Livingontheedge1 Mon 16-Dec-19 16:08:05

I am in a very contested divorce, I have been the primary care giver of my 13 year old daughter, two weeks ago she out of the blue accuses me of making her life hell, emotionally abusing her and explosive temper and she feels only safe with dad, I get reported to CPS, no investigation has been started, judge awards dad the child until I am cleared, he has turned my daughter totally against me, he is a true narcissist, any one else experienced this and any words of advice, just shattered heart here and so concerned for my daughter

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Otter71 Wed 18-Dec-19 23:27:46

I feel your pain. Similar situation but No advice as I still don't know the solution.
But equally which of us can honestly say we never accused our parents of making our lives hell as teenagers? I suspect it has just been believed out of context...

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