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Online divorce

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Fairycake2 Sun 08-Dec-19 21:26:02

Has anyone used an online divorce service before? If so, were they any good?

My STBX and I have only been married for 4.5 years but together for 7. We have no assets and all the money is mine from before I met him. He's already moved out and we've split the items from the house.

He says he won't contest anything and I just want it done ASAP. I shall be divorcing him for unreasonable behaviour

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CatyaPurella Mon 09-Dec-19 20:15:16

Hi, sorry to hear you are going through this. We didn't use a paid online service as such, just did the divorce online via the website. Cost £550 but we used no solicitors so that was literally all we paid and the cost of a stamp. He filed for unreasonable behaviour and some of what he wrote was over emphasised but I didn't care as I just wanted it over. Took 7 months from start to Absolute.

idot Mon 09-Dec-19 20:22:24

You need to get a consent order too. If you don't then his ability to make a future claim on you remains.

Fairycake2 Mon 09-Dec-19 20:40:01

Thanks both. I'll have a look on the .gov website and will look into a consent order

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NemaLee1977 Thu 12-Dec-19 12:15:26

My wife and I are parting and she wants to leave the matrimonial home. We do not have any children. We plan to write up our own settlement statement which we intend to be witnessed. Any advice please on a) If this is legally binding b) Does the witness have to be someone in the legal profession? All other information gratefully accepted. Please note we do not wish to use Solicitors ( I mean as being clients).

CatyaPurella Thu 12-Dec-19 18:41:36

I suspect no it wouldn't be legally binding. Have a look on the Wikivorce website as you can get clean break orders done pretty cheaply

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