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D81 - Spousal maintenance

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SandrasAnnoyingFriend Mon 02-Dec-19 10:45:09

Hi, hoping to get some help as I can't afford any more fees from professionals at this stage!
We've agreed our financial consent order and I'm getting form D81 completed, however we're arguing over the income section.
At present STBEX pays me an amount of spousal maintenance, however when the assets are finally divided this will cease.
He thinks my declared income should include the spousal maintenance payments, as I currently receive them.
I think they shouldn't as I won't receive them shortly after the form is submitted.
Interested to hear what others view on this is.

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millymollymoomoo Mon 02-Dec-19 11:14:09

I don’t think they should be included. That’s temporary that you won’t be in receipt of going forward

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