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Breach of consent order

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Lostmykeys Thu 28-Nov-19 09:15:09

Looking to rant at injustice. Completely acknowledge the ‘12 month rule’ but frustrated with exh who after 3 years has gone to CMS to reduce financial payment each month. His finances are set up so that his assets are hidden. Truth will out when dc are grown up. I’m sad about this as exh doesn’t realise has potential to damage relationship. I’ve politely asked him why but he hasn’t been able to justify so far.
Anyone else been through this?

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NorthernSpirit Thu 28-Nov-19 09:59:22

The CMS work from real time data and will be looking at his actual earnings.

How is he hiding monies?

Why would money damage his relationship with his kids?

Lorry123 Thu 28-Nov-19 10:36:29

My ex did exactly this. Changed the amount 1 year to the day after the consent order was written and has mucked me about ever since (3 years). There is a case open with the CSA and although my exh is self employed he still has to declare all of his DIVS but his CM payments ordered by the CSA have varied from £30.43 to £457 in the space of 6 months and we are still in the process of working out what he should actually be paying. It would be easier getting blood out of a stone than getting him to contribute towards his kids.

If you think he is hiding money from the CSA you can apply for a variation - they take hidden money very seriously - and apply for the Click and Collect service - that way you don't have to wrangle it from his cold dead hands!!!

Lostmykeys Thu 28-Nov-19 11:08:14

Thanks Lorry. Sounds similar. Family business means hiding is straightforward for him. I will be disclosing to CMS and applying for a variation.
northern, I’m concerned that not financially supporting children (teenagers) when their mum is struggling will see them reflect on this when they’re older. He funds a large house, vehicles etc quite easily!

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