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On off ex

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ZoeSusan Sun 24-Nov-19 10:55:39

The father of my children-
We have been on and off for a long while. Sometimes it's great and sometimes to be honest it's absolutely awful.
This stems from his trouble making jealous mum- she has been jealous from the moment we got together as he was her golden child. When I had my children she was extremely jealous That I spent a lot of time with my mum and I seen her when I could but she still didn't feel this was enough.
Relationships with my ex and her have been frosty since because he has chosen to continue to have a relationship with me. We try our hardest for the children. She seems to not talk to him or include him in family things when he is fine with me. This causes him to fall out with me and become quite angry with me over it. Saying I caused a breakdown of his family.
Anyway.. Christmas has always been an awkward time as I'm not welcome at her house.. this year I suggested we have Christmas Day as a family- just me him and the kids. Last night I said that I was planning to take a few hours on Christmas Eve to see my mum and dad (who are separated) so that I see them over the Christmas period. He said that he would not allow it, and that if I see them on Christmas Eve then he will not spend any Christmas with me and the children at all. He normally goes to the pub with his brothers on Christmas Eve so I didn't feel like this would be a problem. Now he's making me choose. Of course I'm going to see my family that have been there for me all year. I thought I'd already made a big compromise of not seeing them Christmas Day. Now I'm left feeling deflated and sick and I'm not sure what to do sad

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Solitaryradiator Sun 24-Nov-19 19:52:18

They all sound toxic and bullying. Leave him for good

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