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Jane1978xx Mon 18-Nov-19 08:56:57

Does anyone have a recommendation of a website etc explaining divorce process and associated things like dividing assets ? My husband left and wants a divorce but I have no clue what comes next.

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wobytide Mon 18-Nov-19 11:18:25

wikivorce is the Government funded site

millymollymoomoo Mon 18-Nov-19 12:53:02

Seek professional advice is the best advice anyone can give

waterSpider Mon 18-Nov-19 14:48:56

This is a start:

Key thing is there are 3 aspects. The legal end of the marriage ('grounds'); arrangements for children; dividing the finances. They tend to happen in parallel, but are somewhat distinct.

Dividing the money. This is about meeting the needs of children; and preserving some idea of 'fairness' between the adults. Ignore anyone with experience of divorce long ago, nowadays the emphasis is on helping people to live independently rather than staying linked for too long. (though sometimes such links cannot be avoided for a time). If a 50/50 split allows all to move on, and kids (if present) to be housed, that's a likely starting point for discussions.

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