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I'm so confused

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anotherdayinparadice Thu 14-Nov-19 21:48:31

Hi there

I am due to be moving abroad (outside the EU) with Dh next year. DD 8 is from a previous marriage and has always mostly lived with me while having contact with her dad. We have in the past had quite an amicable relationship and when I told him 3 years ago about potential move with DH he was on board. DH spends time with him but he is currently in a new relationship and these visits are becoming infrequent and I have at times begged him to spend time with her. Last weekend I asked if he would take her and he said it would depend if his sister came. I was stunned as this implied he could only have her if his sister entertained her while he cuddled on the couch with his new GF . Sister said she couldn't afford the trip and I found myself paying for her to come down so she could at least spend time with her dad.

We have no legal agreement with regard to custody as we have always been quite civil. DD wants to come with me abroad. I guess the question is what paperwork would I need in place to make this happen. I'm quite confused about it all as all the information says if he consents then I don't need any? I just like a bit of security. Please

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Mumoftwo12345 Fri 15-Nov-19 00:13:51

This really does sound like something a solicitor should advise on. Does the father have parental responsibility? If so, I think you're really going to need legal advice to make sure you are covered. He could consent now & change his mind later which would be disastrous for all involved.

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