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Divorce in recovery

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Wendeny Sat 09-Nov-19 16:04:38

Hi mums.
Here for some advice and support.
Heading towards divorce and extremely anxious about what’s the future holding for me and my two beautiful children.
I’ve been very unhappy for several years which partly contributed to my excessive drinking over the last 2 years where I had to go to hospital and rehab several times.
My husband managed to keep things together with the help of an au pair until February when I took over and had a very good summer with kids, while looking for a job.
Eventually I had another breakdown in September after which I told my husband I want a divorce as I’m really unhappy it’s making me sick.
I have now been stable for nearly 3 months, attending all my doctors appointments etc and even started work. I’m feeling so relieved and as if massive weight is lifted of my shoulders..actually looking forward to my life rather than just wanting to disappear..
He’s very hurt and not willing to work together with me. Threatening me to take full custody and the house and calling me mental, alcoholic and bulimic ( as I also suffer with eating disorder )
It’s really difficult to accept that we have to turn against each other now and not actually work together for the best of our kids future.
I saw a solicitor and was ensured he can’t take everything away from me so it will be a difficult battle..I’m just feeling very sad and scared that this is happening..
If anyone has been through similar separation and gas tips or anything really please do drop a comment.
Thank you

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