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How to split 50/50 childcare

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Misty9 Wed 06-Nov-19 22:01:52

I'm interested in hearing how other amicable co parents split the childcare as our current pattern of 5522 isn't working and I'm struggling to think of other ways. Kids are 8 and 5 and eldest is suspected asd so can't cope with inconsistency (so different parent on different days). It has been exactly equal up til now but ex is also autistic and I'm thinking I need to push to have them more as he can't fulfil all their needs... Problem is, I find ds very challenging and struggle with long periods solo parenting him as he saves it all for me...

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Otter71 Fri 08-Nov-19 17:45:12

I have a straight 7 on 7 off. A friend has 3/4 one week and 4/3 the next. These are teens though and the parents are not so far apart geographically.

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