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Divorce costs

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LimaOscarLima Mon 04-Nov-19 09:51:23

I left my husband almost 3 years ago and we're now amicable, the other week I mentioned that we should get divorced soon, he agreed and said he would pay the £550 fee. We agree on all finances and child arrangements so no need for solicitors.

Ive started the application and as I'm a single parent on income support I've applied for help with fees, so my first question is how much is this likely to be reduced by?

Near the end of the application it asks if I want to apply for my husband to pay the fees and I'm not sure what to do, if I apply for him to pay then would he have to pay the full £550 even if I would have been entitled for reduced costs? He is self employed and claims no benefits. Would it be better to say I'll pay and then he can just transfer me the money to pay the reduced fee?

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ColaFreezePop Mon 04-Nov-19 12:34:40

What grounds are you divorcing on?

And can you afford the fees if your ex didn't pay them with your reduction?

LimaOscarLima Mon 04-Nov-19 13:21:40

Probably unreasonable behaviour although I could do the 2 year separated thing if that's easier.
And no I couldn't afford if he didn't pay which is the main reason I've put it off for so long as I didn't know I could apply for reduced fees, he agreed to pay and then when I started the application online saw the bit about applying for reduced fees but I can't find anywhere online that will tell me how much it would be reduced by, either way my ex will be giving me the money to pay but now I've mentioned it he'd rather pay the reduced fees.

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