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Should I really have to pay when his toddler is dressed in designer gear?!?!?!!

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Cherrypop99 Tue 22-Oct-19 10:52:29

Very briefly :
Ex husband left to be with OW and left me with the two children. He lives abroad so I do two jobs on min wage and look after the children (one of whom is autistic) and he swans back twice a year to see the kids.
Two years ago we went to court to do financial settlement. All done and dusted.
4 months ago he decides (or the OW does) that he needs to reduce my monthly maintenance so we go back to lawyers. I agree to reduce (just because I'm so worn down) but am now stuck with yet more lawyers bills (5K).
This really upsets me as I'll struggle to pay this off but my lawyer suggests I don't ask him for the money as it may piss him off? It gets me even more that the OW plasters photos of endless holidays, biz class flights, classy meals, designer clothes for their toddler etc...
Many thanks.

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halloweenismyseason Tue 22-Oct-19 15:10:30

The question is can you afford the legal bill and did you actually need representation?
If you can't then ask, if you wanted representation then don't.
It's extremely unfair but what the other dc has or doesn't isn't really part of your battle. The OW may work more or have help from her family.

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