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Housing help when separating / divorcing?

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Solitaryradiator Fri 18-Oct-19 09:47:36

Spend £350 on an hour or so with a good solicitor to understand your options. There’s lots of different ways of doing this so don’t miss out due to not understanding

Itsallchange Thu 17-Oct-19 09:21:55

I would go and see a solicitor you can get half hour free from most, I was in a similar situation only asset from the house no other finances and I worked part time, I looked into renting and would find it extremely difficult with 4 children locally, he isn’t able to have the children 50/50 due to his work pattern and the equity from the house would not enable me to buy another house due to salary. I was advised mesher order understand this isn’t suitable for everyone but you need to make sure you aren’t putting yourself out on the streets

Inliverpool1 Thu 17-Oct-19 06:46:08

Yes and yes
The deposit isn’t relevant the court don’t care where it came from
And if anything you could go for 70/30 split as you have the children.
My advice is get the financials done as fast as possible

NewName19 Wed 16-Oct-19 18:35:29

I’ve name changed for this as it’s obviously an emotive subject.

To cut a long story short I have a suspision me and DH may be heading for a breakup. Nothing too nasty involved, just grown apart and general arguments about money / sex etc. Have tried and failed many times to rectify this but can’t seem to.

We have 2 dc together (aged under 12) and have a joint mortgage. He put 1/3 of the price of the house down as a deposit which was from an inheritance.

If we spilt we’d have to sell the house as neither of us could afford it alone or to buy the other out.

I’d need to rent somewhere. I work part time so would be needing to claim universal credit to top up my income. My questions are:

1) would I get rent help in the form of UC whilst I owned a house I was trying to sell?

2) would I be entitled to half the profit on the house even though he put 1/3 down as a deposit? Or would he get that 1/3 back then an equal split of the rest?

I realise I wouldn’t be entitled to help once the house sale goes through due to equity etc


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