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Question about child maintenance

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maria1947 Sun 13-Oct-19 17:25:39

Ex husband was emotionally abusive, had affair and left, has stopped all contact with daughter after leaving the country to live with his new partner, he told his daughter he was in Germany.

Informed child maintenance about the situation after he stopped paying, this was 5 months ago.

Last month had a letter from child maintenance as he's contacted them and said he is unemployed and given them an address.

Obviously child maintenance have told me is exempt from paying, and that they are checking the address is within their 'jurisdiction '. And that the case will be closed if so.

Just wondering about this! it seems that if they find out he is abroad and the case is closed down, he could escape from supporting his daughter at all! If he did move back into the country I would have no way of knowing as he blocked all contact with me.

If the case is closed I won't have anyway to start up the case if I don't know he is back living in this country, does anyone know if I can keep the case open? And wether if he did move back and was working that hmrc would know?

Just so angry as he made it clear before he left the family home that he wasn't happy to pay child maintenance as he said that one way or another he wouldn't be paying for 'me'!!

I always do the best for my daughter and when he was paying for a couple of months it was not much, it went on pocket money, trips and uniforms.

That is besides the point to his comment. But just believe I have to let it go and yet he gets away not paying and there's nothing I can do about it...

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maria1947 Sun 13-Oct-19 17:30:17

Sorry, should have said, that after he contacted cms recently and told them he was unemployed and gave address that they will close down the case if it's not in their jurisdiction!!

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If he is abroad, the CMS cannot enforce a maintenance claim as they have no legal authority in other countries.

However, in those circumstances you can apply to a court for an order specifying that maintenance can be paid. If he is in a country with teciprocal arrangements for enforcing child maintenance, the court can then use that country's mechanisms to ensure he pays.

You can find details here:

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