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I feel lost

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Nearlytherenow123 Sun 06-Oct-19 20:22:39

Sent off my form to make my decree nisi an absolute on Friday - feel relief but at the same time lost. I know it's not a question, but I feel like others must feel the same. I feel like I've lost myself - I feel like I do the necessary, more so for the kids but in everything I'm trying to do for them I feel lost. I'm not doing a good job of explaining I know. My kids are my world and always will be, but what about me? When do I start rebuilding my life? I'm not on about another relationship or anything like that - I'm talking me, as an independent person. Wow - seeing that makes me feel self centred.
I'm all muddled at the moment.
Thanks if you made it this far!

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Itsallchange Thu 10-Oct-19 06:34:32

I’m sorry you are feeling this way, it doesn’t say from your post if you instigated the divorce or the whys but either way I think it’s completely normal to feel this way. I decided I wanted out of my marriage and wasn’t fulfilled in it, but as things are coming to a close I’ve started to feel fearful and looking at how long it is until I’ll be able to go to the gym when I want or go shopping alone! I’ve always done everything for our children but as a friend said to me the other day as a single parent the enormity I’d actually dealing with everything is still huge. Also it’s hard to remember the negatives of the marriage because he’s no longer here but they were there and valid reasons for breaking our family apart, another friend also reminded me that even though it was my decision to end it because of his decisions, it still wasn’t/isn’t what I planned when I got married so actually it’s ok to be a little sad it’s over.
Any how I hope this helps you realise your not alone and that what your feeling is just another part of the process. Good luck lovely I’m sure your probably divorced officially now so time for new beginnings xxxx

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