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Will I be entitled to any help as a homeowner?

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champagnesuperover Thu 03-Oct-19 10:46:28

Me and my Husband are separating after lots of soul searching. we are going to go and see the CAB together next week but my brains whirring with questions and I'm hoping you lovely lot may be able to help with some of the questions I have.
I think he'd like to keep the house and buy me out if financially viable for him, if not we'll sell. I'm happy with this, it's an old property, I'm not hugely attached to it and I don't think I'd manage the maintenance. However those things will take time, houses can take months and months to sell. I don't want to stay living together whilst that happens. We don't have a spare room and it's just awkward and comfortable. Things are amicable and I want them to stay that way which if we have to live together for another 6 months they may not be.
Anyway I work part time and don't earn a huge amount. If I were to move out with the kids does anyone know if I'd be able to claim benefits whilst I was waiting for my share of the house? I've done an online calculator and it asks you declare assets etc. I'm confused, if I didn't have the house I'd get enough with my wages to get by I think. Do you get a bit of leeway or am I going to living in limbo with him for a while?
Does it take a long time for the benefits to come through. Am I going to have to find a couple of months rent to cover myself before I get any help?
The worst bit is once I get my money from the house I don't think I'll be able to afford to buy alone so I'll just have to spend that money on living until it runs out .

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champagnesuperover Thu 03-Oct-19 18:47:44

Just bumping in case there’s anyone about who can help this evening.

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Magnolia17 Fri 04-Oct-19 06:44:19

I’m really not sure of the answers but I’m in the same situation. The benefits calculator indicated that if we sell and I get my share of the equity I would then not get any benefits. If I put the equity into a mortgage I’d get benefits.... however like you I work part time so not sure I’d get a mortgage!! I’ve spoken to a friend who was in a similar situation and she’s suggested seeing a mortgage advisor as she did buy on part time wage with her equity.... hoping I can do the same but does mean like you Imstuck in the same house until it’s sold..... I know nothing about benefits and struggling with finding out info.... surely there’s somewhere we can go to talk about our options????🤷‍♀️ Sorry I’m not much help x

motheroreily Fri 04-Oct-19 06:52:15

I'd def check but I was in the same situation 4 years. I moved out and rented and wasn't entitled to housing benefit. I did get tax credits though.

I'm sure you can have a certain amount of savings so it might depend how much equity you have. But check with CAB as my experience was a while ago

champagnesuperover Fri 04-Oct-19 09:58:27

We're seeing the CAB on Wednesday so hopefully they can help. I don't want to be stuck there with him till the house is sold. He works shifts and is away 4 nights a week so on the the 3 he's home I may stay at my Mums. Now I've made the decision I don't want to be stuck for potentially months it's depressing. I want to move on.

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MrsMaiselsMuff Fri 04-Oct-19 10:04:31

There is a six month disregard on property that you're not living in, so long as the property is actively being marketed for sale.

There is a five week waiting period for Universal Credit. You can claim an advance during this time, but make sure you ask for it as, though it should be automatically offered, it often it not.

Toomanycats99 Fri 04-Oct-19 10:05:05

You may want to get started on the nisi......I have discovered it's a very slow process.....

I'm looking at 8 months from submitting petition to getting financials signed off (so only then apply for new mortgage) so you are likely to be in the house for some time.

BuffaloCauliflower Fri 04-Oct-19 10:08:42

Unless you’ll be able to get a mortgage with your earnings and what he’d pay to buy you out, don’t leave the house. Your children have a right to a stable home, so if they will be staying mainly with you, stay where you are and give them that stability instead of leaping into a who knows what private rented situation.

champagnesuperover Fri 04-Oct-19 10:31:21

BuffaloCauliflower I couldn't afford the house we live in now on my own and the maintenance would be too much for me alone also. They'll most likely be with me 4 nights a week and him 3 nights so an even ish split.

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BuffaloCauliflower Fri 04-Oct-19 15:33:50

It’s your children’s home. Most likely your husband would need to pay what you can’t to keep you living there with them.

champagnesuperover Sat 05-Oct-19 15:15:06

We really have outgrown it and had we not split had to move in the next year anyway. I know it’s there home I get that but it just wouldn’t be where I’d want to stay for the next 10-15 years and they would certainly need more space. I’m staying for now till we decide what’s going to happen but we’ll have to sell or he can buy me out.

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LolaSmiles Sat 05-Oct-19 15:19:24

If I recall correctly from the range of posts on here, in a split the children have to be appropriately housed; not they have to stay in the family home with the non resident parent paying for this.

I think there's been a few legal bods on loads of threads cautioning against the idea that people automatically should get to stay in the family home.

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