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Moving Away

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MummyB09 Wed 25-Sep-19 12:40:32

Hi All, after opinions, advice and experience

I currently share 50/50 custody of my 2.5yr old son. However, I am looking to move 50miles away (40mins travel) from my ex. 50/50 would continue to work until our son is in school, as I think it'd be too far to travel to get him to school each day. My ex has said he will not give up 50/50 and will fight me if I try and change things. Does anybody else have a similar travel time between them and their ex and are able to maintain more than just every other weekend contact for the child and father? How does this work and how do your children manage this? All I want is the best for my child, but maintaining a happy life also. Moving will give both me and my child a better life, it'd enable me to reduce the crazy amount of hours as it is too expensive in the city I live.

Many thanks
Mum to 2.5yr old boy

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NorthernSpirit Wed 25-Sep-19 15:10:46

A 50 mile move will take way over 40 mins in travel (unless the while 40 miles are travelled by motorway without travel).

My OH lives 13 miles from his kids (not his decision). The journey takes 1 hour each way. Mother won’t do any drop off or pick ups. The kids are shattered on a Friday when they arrive and my OH spends over 6 hours in the car at the weekend picking them up, dropping them off and taking them to their activities on a Saturday & Sunday (which the mother has booked them into near her home). Kids are shattered and dad is shattered.

This has meant he’s lost his day in the week and has become an EOW dad. Can’t do any school drop offs pick ups.

Not fair on the kids.

As you are moving will you facilitate all travel? What will you do to facilitate contact?

MummyB09 Wed 25-Sep-19 15:57:35

It'll be all motorway, bar a couple of mins, so 40mins, I've done the drive several times (I might have the miles wrong, but I know it's a 40min drive)

Wow 1hr for 13miles!!! As I'd be moving I'd be offering majority of the travel

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