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Actuary Recommendations

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sandyvacancy Tue 17-Sep-19 12:46:04

Boring I know but can anyone recommend an actuary to value a pension please

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sandyvacancy Tue 17-Sep-19 18:34:02


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maternityleavequestion Wed 18-Sep-19 16:57:33

Sorry I don't, but bumping for you

oldfatandtired1 Wed 18-Sep-19 19:09:37

I used Jim Sylvester from Collins actuaries, he was very good. They’re in the Midlands but everything was done remotely so doesn’t matter where in the country you are. If you do an advanced search on my username there were other recommendations on another ‘actuary’ thread I contributed to a couple of months ago?

sandyvacancy Wed 18-Sep-19 20:50:55

Thank you both

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Underthefur Thu 19-Sep-19 23:36:51

Another endorsement for Jim Sylvester, his report covered everything!

It was costly (£2400) and a complex document but in my opinion well worth it and resulted in a very fair settlement for me and my ExH

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