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STBEx delaying at every stage

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SpringerLink Tue 17-Sep-19 12:13:19

Hi. Wondering is anyone has any advice on how to keep divorce proceedigns moving when the other party delays everything.

So far he's attended one mediation session to discuss finances, provided very "back of the envelope" type information and then has cancelled the subsequent sessions and refused to provide any further information. He is not replying to the mediation company about a new date.

He also doesn't answer emails from me about the DC and contact arrangements, plans for the future (we have to choose a secondary for a DC with SEN), anything really.

Is there any way that I can forge onwards with the divorce and financial settlement if he won't participate? Is court the only option?

I have already filed for divorce on the grounds of behaviour and he did not contest it.

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PicsInRed Tue 17-Sep-19 22:23:48

If he is determined to stonewall, yes, court is the only option.

Do you have a good solicitor?

Palaver1 Wed 18-Sep-19 05:16:17

Unfortunately it’s court and that’s where the big money gets spent

SpringerLink Wed 18-Sep-19 09:59:43

Thanks. I had hoped not to have to waste/spend money on court and lawyers fees...

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maternityleavequestion Wed 18-Sep-19 16:53:31

Only court.
Get started's a long process.
You can get an 'unbundled' service from a good solicitor. 90% of what they do is admin, if you can do that yourself you will save a lot of money.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:55:22

Agree with a PP. Solicitors mainly do admin. You can represent yourself and just pay the court fee.

MysteryTripAgain Thu 19-Sep-19 04:57:02


Courts can award costs against partners who have been obstructive. Most of my legal costs were subtracted from ex's settlement figure. Being obstructive made them worse off.

Ss770640 Wed 25-Sep-19 19:51:00

Courts are taking a stricter approach to costs.

Gone are the data where you can assume the other person pays.

Best to sort it out amicably otherwise go to court.

My advice? Log everything including missed appointments and delays.

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