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feefee1921 Mon 19-Aug-19 20:58:42

Sorry its a long post.

I've been with my H for over 10 years and both our kids have additional needs. I was pregnant with my second before we knew something could be wrong with our eldest. I've always had to deal with most of the parental/house responsibility as it became aparent early on he wasn't coping very well. He works around 50+hrs a week. He will never admitted he hasn't coped he denies.

He has went from being a person who didn't raise his voice to someone who snaps at the slightest thing at both myself and our kids. He can only be around them for so long before it's too much for him but he will not admit this which then leads to me stopping arguments happening.

I haven't been happy for a long time, I asked him to go the the Dr's as I felt he could be depressed as he has no empathy. He refused, I've tried getting others to encourage him but this ended in him working it out and getting angry. He refuses to go to a counsellor as he says its an invasion of privacy and a waste of money as every problem we have is my fault.

Now all he goes on about is if he is forced to move out our house the one place our kids are comfortable in will be sold. Also saying he won't make it easy for me to work but expects to have his access around his shifts.

He earns more than double I do and I have my own health problems.

I want nothing more than him to go get some help so we can be a family but nothing I've done has made him see he needs to.

I think we need to separate. I don't know how to make him see we need to be amicable to parent our children properly. I've held on in the hope he would see sense as I know he will struggle with them when he had access.

Had anyone been in a similar position?

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