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Toll of separation on de

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Slamdunkdafunkay Sat 03-Aug-19 05:11:28


icanbreathagain Sat 03-Aug-19 04:57:02

No advice but hugs for you. I've been told it will get better x

itispersonal Sat 03-Aug-19 00:14:51

ExP separated but living together since February of this year. Wheel in motion for exP to move out, no real drama just no love for each other.

Dd (6) has been aware for a while of the situation as we had mentioned daddy moving out and her having 2 bedrooms etc. Today hasn't been a good day for exP and we had a rare argument. Dd at bedtime then writes a letter to the tooth fairy (big believer in fairies) saying daddy is moving house and she doesn't want it to happen so can the tooth fairy stop it! ExP and I are heart broken for her!
Also had to write another letter from the tooth fairy to my dd explaining that it was better for mummy and daddy to live in different houses so they could be better mummy's and daddy's to her etc.
And now I'm in pieces.

I know it's for the best that we separate, it hasn't been good for years , suppose I just need a hand hold

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