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Getting a divorce in NI and sorting finances

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ZestyDragon Sat 27-Jul-19 11:22:34

I left STBX about 14 months ago. He had been verbally abusive, controlling and highly anxious for years. Its taken me a long time to start feeling ok and to look at what needs to be done legally.

We have a house with a mortgage. He is still there. I am paying half the mortgage and rent on my own flat. I have been legally advised that i need to continue to do so. I can't afford a bad credit rating if he were to stop paying (would lose my job).

Anyway I have seen a solicitor and here in NI its apparently very slow. If I wait for two years seperation it will then take minimum 18 months from then to divorce. If I go with unreasonable behaviour now its still minimum 18 months or more. I'm flat broke and stuggling financially.

Is it possible for us to agree our finances ourselves before the divorce? The solicitor said that it gets sorted out towards the end but could we not agree for him to buy me out of the property now and just do it? I saw the solicitor yesterday but forgot to ask the question. I am hoping that this will work with ex as he will not want divorce on grounds for unreasonable behaviour.

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