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What does he mean?

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sparklgirl Wed 24-Jul-19 21:07:24

So I'm currently on a break from husband for last week. He left to stay in hotel/with family. I've stayed in the home with our children. In therapy tonight he said he knows his rights and he could do all sorts. I asked what he meant and he said well I can see my kids anytime I want and be in the house when I want.
When we spilt he initially told me to go and I said I would with our children, 13&10. He said I couldn't do that. I know it's isn't seen favourably but I'm the main care giver. I'm worried he's going to do something. Any advice?

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Collaborate Thu 25-Jul-19 00:03:15

He's probably been advised that he has the right to return home. He also has dual rights to you over the children.

Saying he can do what he wants isn't realistic, but then again so many times on MN I see wives and mothers told that they control things like children's contact, when the reality is neither parent has absolute control, and the best way to sort out the arrangements is through respectful negotiation.

Palaver1 Fri 26-Jul-19 07:14:51

He is right he can come home and see his children.very much so but in the long term his staying in a hotel or with friends isn’t sustainable.
The real issues have to be dealt with,if you both can try to sort it out amicably it will be much easier if you do decide to divorce

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