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FDR coming up

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Gchnmum Sun 21-Jul-19 20:55:06

Hi I am 3 years into my divorce and have a FDR hearing coming up, next month, I have been doing all the paperwork myself as after 3 years in can no longer afford solicitors . I have a barrister for the day, can anyone give me some info on what to expect on the day? Any tips ? Pointers? TIA

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IsItBetter Sun 21-Jul-19 21:57:05

Divorcemakesyoustressedandpoor Mon 22-Jul-19 21:22:00

You go to court . The barristers do brief explanation of the assets etc in the hope that’s
What both parties agree on . You don’t get to talk . The judge then says what she would do if she was the judge on the final hearing and then you hope that you and your ex can agree on something
Around that point . My awkward husband didn’t and we’ve just had a horrible contested hearing with my legal bills approaching 130k

swissmilk Mon 29-Jul-19 19:46:43

I've got mine coming up too, I think it all depends on the judge, apparently some are experienced as try and push you to get a solution between yourselves, others aren't used to Family court and are next to useless (from what I've read).
I don't think my stbxh will negotiate so we will head form final hearing, so it think the fdr will be a waste of money in my case.

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