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Won’t sell house..?

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excitedmamma Sat 20-Jul-19 20:26:02

Hello...looking for some advice... story in a nutshell...

Left DH in January and sharing care of daughter although I do more... I’ve moved into rented and am claiming UC and getting the child benefit

He doesn’t give me any money towards her care or my rent - I want to sell the house, split the proceeds so I can buy and settle

He has had 3 valuations on house, each time without me present and I arranged to have my own done independently and out of courtesy told him and asked him to not be around so he couldn’t manipulate or lead someone with suggestions (he’s good at this) - he refused to let me do this so I cancelled

So he is living in our mortgage free property and I’m paying rent.

Is that fair?
Can I force him to sell our house?

Neither of us have filed for divorce (yet)

Any advice welcome.... what’s the ‘norm’ here?

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millymollymoomoo Sat 20-Jul-19 21:48:30

You need to file for divorce and start financial remedy.
Currently there is zero reason or incentive to do anything

CatToddlerUprising Sat 20-Jul-19 21:55:05

File for divorce, put a claim in to CMS and see a solicitor. Have you declared the capital from the house to UC?

AMAM8916 Mon 22-Jul-19 15:06:43

You can't declare capital you don't currently have and even when you do get proceeds from the sale of the family home, as long as it's used to fund another home, it won't affect any UC entitlement. Obviously only the housing part but once you are actually in the new home and no longer paying rent

CatToddlerUprising Mon 22-Jul-19 15:58:33

That’s incorrect. You have to declare capital- including a property you own. You may be able to have the capital disregarded in certain circumstances e.g. first 26 weeks after moving out due to a relationship breakdown/26 weeks if you are trying to sell it etc. But you still need to declare it

pinkkoala Mon 22-Jul-19 22:33:12

My situation is very similar, i moved out the joint marital home with my dd as he was and still is vile, i have my nisci already, noe want my share of the equity, he is unable to buy me out. I have attened a maim meeting with a mediator, he refused to contact them or turn up.
I am in rented and he is still in marital home, dd lives with me, he has new partner and is engaged so surely he would want to move on.
Where do i go from here, there isn't enough equity to start goinh down the court route.

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