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So happy it’s moving forward!

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Itsallchange Fri 19-Jul-19 20:50:43

So called Bury St Edmunds today to get an update on my divorce, initially applied in April, confirmed today Decree Nisi was approved on 2/7 and they are currently giving dates for the pronunciation hearing from 28/6 so next week I should know when my date will be 😁 not yet applied for consent order but the solicitor is working on it ready for it to be submitted once we have a date, they are approx 2 months behind on them. But I’m hopeful they will agree with what we have come up with. This nightmare may actually be over by the end of the year! STBXH is looking to move out at end of July, so then hopefully he’ll stop asking me for sex. Today is a good day 👍🏻

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Palaver1 Sat 20-Jul-19 07:15:27

I’m so happy yes almost through the woods ..

Nothingmuch Sat 20-Jul-19 07:43:12

It’s a step forward in this achingly slow process. Bury have my consent order and I’ve been told 8 weeks before I hear anything.

Luckily time flies by so we will all get there.

Itsallchange Sat 20-Jul-19 08:50:07

@Nothingmuch you so right time passes by anyway so it will all happen eventually! In June they were only on March consent orders so does appear they have moved along a bit! I’m really nervous that the judge won’t agree to the mesher order even though that’s whAt I worked through with my solicitor and she advised was the only option at this time. STBXH has agreed to it so 🤞🏻

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