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Did your exh change DC holiday plans last minute? Any advice for me?

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Newnewnewnames Mon 15-Jul-19 23:14:13

I divorced my difficult exh three years ago. This is third summer hol. Two DC aged 12 & 9.
In Jan I asked him to have two weeks in Aug. Agreed dates by text. I have his agreement. Now he is saying that he only wants them for one week in the six week holidays.
I (foolishly) have booked 10 days hol which is now in jeopardy.
Any advice?

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Ihatesandwiches Mon 15-Jul-19 23:18:07

No advice, but I feel your pain. My ex does this, and then is gob smacked when I say I have booked something and cant accommodate his change of plans (which he knew about werks ago and difnt mention). And BREATHE... Hope it all works out x

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