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Advice on the next step, instruct solicitor apply myself

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BlackTulip71 Tue 09-Jul-19 22:42:19

I don’t know if anyone can help /advise on the divorce procedure.

I saw a solicitor last year and she has set out a “fixed divorce” quote. I understand the basics of what is included. But the price doesn’t include any billed time for sorting out the details and bearing in mind my husband is refusing to accept I want a divorce I fear legal fees may soar.

I have tried mediation, but my husband refused to attend. I have since received the signed c100 form from the mediator to say that I attended alone. They have offered sent me instructions on how to complete the Court paperwork and have offered me an appointment to assist completing this.

So do I go it alone and complete the Court paperwork, with the assistance of the mediation lady?


Do I just instruct the solicitor ?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

We have 2 children. We have a family home in joint names, no mortgage. I have investments and could potentially buy my husband out of the house to keep the family home for myself and my daughters.

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