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Divorce, interest-only mortgage and substance abuse

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Lapetitemaz Mon 01-Jul-19 13:46:36

I wondered if anyone might be able to offer some advice. My friend is in a terrible position and I really feel for her.
She is divorcing her husband after discovering he has had a cocaine addiction for over 10 years which he hid from her and has racked up huge debts including not paying the mortgage. She discovered this earlier in the year and despite initially trying to help him and stick by him when he relapsed she could understandably take no more. The icing on the cake was finding out he had hidden some drugs in the house where they have children.
They have an interest-only mortgage and she’s seen a financial advisor who said her best option would be to buy the husband out (this would be difficult to find the money) or she could rent for 12 months and try to get the mortgage out of arrears then go for shared ownership when mortgage prospects could be better.
Does anyone have any suggestions? She currently works part time and is increasing her hours. I feel so sorry for her, this man sounds so manipulative and he’s desperate to sell the house. Part of her wants to stay in the house for the sake of their children. The husband is also refusing to move out and there’s not much she can do til the divorce is finalised which could take months.
Any advice/suggestions gratefully received.
Thank you

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NotBeingRobbed Mon 01-Jul-19 16:20:50

Oh God. This is why being married is such a bad deal. An addict can drag you all down with them. Sorry, I can’t help with practical suggestions. She will be liable for his debts.

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