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Kerry197878 Wed 26-Jun-19 20:15:50

So I'm new to this but have no one else to turn too .. I have been with my partner for 4 years we have a 2 year old together im 42 he's 37 ... generally we have a good relationship day to day we work well as a team .. he can be caring and very helpful.. we both work full time and split bills ...
He has a very negative outlook on the world and negative about other people ... he falls out with a lot of employers ( self employed and works for agencies mainly ) he has some outbursts which I don't tent to agree with his views ... he gets down sometimes but blame his bad up bringing and past life .. he seems to always blame others for his anger ... day to day he generally isn't angry towards me but blames me for his outbursts .. more recently we went away and I said something to him that he was offended by .. basically I felt he acted inappropriate with someone on holiday and I mentioned to him in a calm manner .... the back lash of my comment he states caused him to call me hurtful names , Fat,, called my private parts .. he spat at me also was violent towards me and left me with bruises on my leg and stomach ... as he was noisy other guests at the hotel knocked on the room and he ended up getting onto a fight with them which got us al kicked out of the hotel .. he also consumed beer so that didn't help ..

Anyway it's at the point where I have asked him to leave but I feel guilty about it as I do see how good points day to day .... this happened before whilst on holiday I know I have to end it but just wanted to air it

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MarianneEU Wed 26-Jun-19 20:44:41

Did HE feel guilty when he was calling you names? Did HE feel any shred of guilt to abuse another human being, who is also the mother of his child? No. Physical abuse is extremely serious and you did the right thing asking him to leave. I hope he did and I hope you are safe and your child as well. Don't be alone for a while, go sleep at family's or friends or ask them over. And first of all: Notify the proper authorities about this. Asap.

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