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Husband doesn't want to separate

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seasplasher Tue 25-Jun-19 13:04:44

Our marriage has run its course and despite Relate, family therapy and just hard work, I think it's best to separate. He doesn't want to though and says he'll have to work part time if we split and the kids will have to come out of their schools as we won't be able to afford it. I'm working part time as I'm also caring for my dad with dementia. I don't know where to start in moving this forward. Any ideas? Thanks!

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ReanimatedSGB Tue 25-Jun-19 13:07:48

He doesn't get to insist that you stay in a marriage that is no longer working for you. Deal with him by being calm and firm and refusing to discuss things while you make your plans and carry them out. And remind yourself, every time he tries to get in your way, of what a good thing you are doing by ridding yourself of him.

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