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Certificate of entitlement to a decree

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8FencingWire Sat 15-Jun-19 21:34:51

What does it actually mean, is it an actual decree nisi or a notification that the decree nisi will go to court on a certain date?

Thank you. I find the terminology hard to navigate.

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wobytide Sat 15-Jun-19 23:33:43

It's the date the judge will declare your decree nisi, is there a date in the letter or whatever you have received?

8FencingWire Sun 16-Jun-19 07:43:24

I received an email from HMCTS titled ‘decree nisi date’. It states that ‘application for a decree nisi has been accepted and the court will now proceed with the first stage of the court order (known as a decree) ending your marriage.’

The attachment that came with this email is titled ‘Certificate of entitlement to a decree ’ and that the petitioner is entitled to a decree of divorce.
Underneath it gives a date in May and then that the court has fixed a date in July for a pronouncement of a decree.

Now, I have no idea which decree is this reffering to. Is it the decree nisi or the decree absolut?

I pencilled that date in my calendar, I just need to know if I’m just having a drink or throw a party.

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wobytide Sun 16-Jun-19 10:07:00

July is the nisi, then once that is done 6 weeks and 1 day after that you can apply for the absolute

Itsallchange Wed 19-Jun-19 22:40:41

Just out of curiosity which court is dealing with your divorce and when did you initially file for it? Would be really useful to know how long this stage is taking x

MrsBailey2019 Thu 20-Jun-19 15:17:39

As the above poster has said it will be your Nisi date, also as the above poster which court is this please? Liverpool are so far behind I literally have no patience left & am pulling my hair out with them. It is seriously ridiculous.

Congrats on a Nisi date btw

SeaSidePebbles Fri 21-Jun-19 03:01:14

wobytide, thank you for clarifying smile
He divorces me, 2 years separation, applied at the end of April, online.
Looks like 4 weeks later they fixed a date for the Nisi, which is at the beginning of July. So all in all about 9 weeks from filing for divorce to a Nisi.
It’s Liverpool.

MrsBailey2019 Fri 21-Jun-19 10:05:20

Liverpool have really delayed with mine, so angry!! I've applied for the divorce on the 5 year separation, we're very amicable, in fact get on better now than the 19 years we were married lol. Submitted it at beginning of Jan through the online gov website, both signed relevant paperwork & everything was on track then I got an email on 30 May saying they wanted a statement of how we lived after we separated. (He stayed in the marital home with me & the kids for 3 months after separation whilst house hunting). I submitted it again as a redirection for trial the same day.
Why it took them so long to ask for the statement is simply beyond me. To make it worse my Fiance submitted his in exactly the same way & for the same reasons but submitted his in March & he gets his decree absolute in 2 weeks!!! His went to east midlands though not Liverpool.
Seriously confused by the hold ups at Liverpool with mine, especially as SeaSidePebbles' has only taken 9 weeks sad.
Called them yesterday & they were reading emails they received on 31 May so at least mine has now been opened & should be passed back to legal in the next few days.
Sorry to jump on OP I really needed to rant I'm just so frustrated & upset with it all. I'm supposed to be getting married towards the end of the year, that's not going to be happening if they don't pull their finger out!! The only reason I left it as long as I have to divorce him is because I didn't want to hurt him anymore than I had by leaving in the first place sad. Wish I'd just got on with it years ago now.

Roses1234567 Wed 04-Dec-19 18:44:51


I have received my certificate to entitlement, dicree nisi dated in December. After the court date how long does it take to receive the Dicree Nisi certificate?

Many thanks

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