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Write Petition Unreasonable Behaviour myself

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ReddyRedfoot Tue 11-Jun-19 23:18:45

I have announced to my H last year November that we need to divorce, after 24 years of marriage (2 children, 13 and 16) and half of it both miserable together. We have lived in separate rooms since July last year. I would like to write the divorce petition on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour myself, not involving a solicitor, and was wondering if anyone would share their successful petition? I’m unsure about the correct wording. Looking for examples on the internet only brings up solicitors ads.

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NSA2103 Tue 11-Jun-19 23:32:58

The reasons provided don't get scrutinised by the court currently. But I suggest you should keep it brief, accurate and avoid BS or exaggeration. My wife wrote a load of shite in hers, but I wanted the divorce so I didn't bother pulling her up on most of what she wrote (apart from asking her to delete the ranting!).

NSA2103 Tue 11-Jun-19 23:34:02

.. oh, and don't pay a solicitor to write it!

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