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Will lose tax credits when split up

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fedup23 Sat 01-Jun-19 00:11:13

Have split from partner but he's not moved out yet. We've been receiving tax credits jointly. When I rang them and queried what would happen when partner moved out I was told the claim would be closed as this is classed as a 'change of circumstances'. In previous years I would have been able to then claim in my own name and the money would have gone up. This is no longer the case. I was advised that I would have to apply for UC. However I am not eligible for UC so would get nothing. I don't know how I'm going to support my kids and run a home on my wage. Anyone else in this situation?

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jessicawessica Sat 01-Jun-19 00:13:36

Why are you not eligible for UC?

TanMateix Sat 01-Jun-19 00:17:53

I would suggest you apply for UC anyway and as quickly as possible just in case the person who informed you about this is wrong.

But also bear in mind that one of the realities of a split is that the standard of living will go down as there will be the same money but twice as many bills, so it is important to start finding out where you can cut expenses so you can live well but with less money, from changing insurances and utilities to cheaper providers, to doing menu plans so nothing is wasted.

moofolk Sat 01-Jun-19 00:19:28

Universal credit is a minefield. People are often given bad advice as it's so complicated even the people in the benefits office don't fully understand it but if you were getting tax credits and you wouldn't be able to survive without (idk your circumstances) you will be eligible for UC.

Do the application.

fedup23 Sat 01-Jun-19 01:18:53

Am not eligible for UC (used online calculator) due to having 2nd property which I rent out. The rent barely covers the outgoings on this so does not provide an income. My partner convinced me to re mortgage this property when we got together to release equity to provide the deposit on the house we are living in. I rang a site called 'Gingerbread' for advice and they confirmed that capital in a property would prevent me from getting UC.

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MooseBeTimeForSnow Sat 01-Jun-19 01:28:28

If the second property isn’t generating income can’t you sell it?

fedup23 Sat 01-Jun-19 08:18:21

I have considered selling it but would prefer not to as no pension. It's a shop with 3 bed flat above it. After years of struggling to get tenants and periods of it not being let I'm actually more hopeful for the future. Signed 5 year lease with someone this year for the shop and flat currently let too. There is currently £2000 in the account now from rent (this has never happened!) so can now pay for some necessary works this summer- needs exterior painting, will need scaffolding. I'm 45 and the way I feel now I cannot imagine letting another man into my life again. I feel so broken and damaged after years of abuse. There's only 6 yrs left on the mortgage which is repayment unlike house I'm living in which is interest only ( 12 yrs left on mortgage). Also I was told a year ago I can't get another mortgage in my own name. This is due to 1 mortgage payment bouncing on the let property. This occurred because DP (behind my back) set up our council tax to go out of the let property's account to avoid paying it himself which he had agreed to do. He was also dipping into this account. Because the rental income only just covered the mortgage/ insurance etc his actions caused the account to go overdrawn and hence mortgage payment bounced.

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