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Still missing my DC when they visit their dad - does this get easier?

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Newnewnewnames Thu 30-May-19 18:44:30

Have been divorced three years. DC 8 & 13. They go eow to his (he stayed in the family home, was abusive).
I moved out with nothing, he changed the locks, I never got to go back. I divorced him. I'll never go back to him.
But I deliver them to his house (my old dream home) and then come home alone (we have our own house for us three now) and I feel so desolate.
Anyone any advice please?

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JoMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 30-May-19 20:27:42

Bumping this thread for you, OP.

Sorry things are still so tough. flowers

Otter71 Thu 30-May-19 22:34:26

I have only been at this game 6 months so no Idea when it gets easier. Maybe when thwyfoto uniand would have left anyhow 🤣🤣😋
I also left with very little, including going without the kids. They are teenagers and only the younger one even speaks to me. She does appx 50/50. It's hard. I have a whole week of coming home to an empty house. But I try to make plans To do something that would be harder or impossible with kids there. That gives me my positive benefit spin to it...

ReganSomerset Thu 30-May-19 22:37:35

Sorry things are hard, OP. Have you considered a pet?

Palaver1 Sat 01-Jun-19 07:01:12

You Must begin to live for yourself.The children grow up fast then what..
Be angry sad lonely but there must be you a time that you begin to find The opposites of these feelings.How blessed you are that you got out what a brave woman.youve done way above what even you felt possible.its time to be kind to yourself.have something for you anything your pampering time ,career wise,do something different a Hobby music even tidying up whatever engage have to begin to live.xx Please make the effort if you are depressed please get support.

eastmidsmum Mon 03-Jun-19 22:45:18

How is the rest of your life, OP? Work, friends, hobbies? I know it's horrible when you're 'not Mum' for days on end, especially if you have any concerns about your dc when with your ex, but it's good to try and use that time to build yourself up so you can the best possible mum you can be when they are with you.

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