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Finally done it. I got out. 2x counts of assault, harrasment and cohiersive control behaviours. Please share your experiences with DV and child arangements plans with prohibited steps orders.

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Whattheduckisthis Thu 23-May-19 22:34:08

Mumsnet thank God I have you right now and all the mumsnetters reading this thank you.

After 2 years of hell I finally bit the bullet and called 999 on my now exP. He has been arrested for 2 counts of assault, harrasment and cohersive control and questioned bailed with the normal no contact etc terms. I have a solicitor as of yesterday who is going through a non molestation order, a child arrangment order and prohibited steps order on my behalf as we have a nearly 1 year old dd. Ex assaulted me while holding her last time.

Please share with me your experiences of child arrangment orders and prohibited steps etc my biggest concern is he will take my daughter and not return her to use her as a pawn in his control - obviously I havent and will not let her out of my sight until these orders are in place but I'm terrified of him breaking in and stealing her.

I'm terrified. I also have to get these orders in place before a week next Friday as I return to work then and she is in nursery and without the prohibited steps he can turn up and take her as he is named on birth certificate.

Why are some people so disgusting

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Airingher30laundry Thu 26-Sep-19 22:44:36

I have been through very similar! I’ve turned my diary into a blog and it shares my story and gives names of resources and contacts. Check out @airingher30laundry on Instagram and the link to blog is in bio x

HappyHedgehog247 Thu 26-Sep-19 22:47:03

Well done you! Re child arrangements, I assume you can wait for him to take you to court for any access given his behaviour. But good to get prohibited steps in order. You’ve done amazingly.

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