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Unsupportive family

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Itsnotme123 Sun 19-May-19 05:15:37

Just been to a family party at my brothers house on my own as my brother and his wife didn’t want to meet my new partner.

They never ask me how I really am coping with my divorce, he only asks “what am I doing with myself these days” I make up stuff, but truth is I’m watching films all day as I find it’s the only way I can block out the reality of my shit life.. I feel like I’m digging my own grave. Thrown away my marriage, and house whilst my brother flaunts his big house, 3 successful grown children, and happy successful lifestyle. His wife didn’t even say hello to me as she hates me.

I need to excercise desperately but I’m just not in a good place mentally, my friends avoid me, and the only good thing in my life is my new man who I don’t see much as he’s working all the time.

We do have good plans for the future, but I am scared as it’ll be such a change, we have had some good holidays and good times ahead, but it’s the day to day coping. I know people on here are going to say “get a job” or “ do charity work” but I just can’t get in a good frame of mind .

I’m hoping that someone will say something that will spark me into action. Is anyone else feeling the same ?

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stucknoue Sun 19-May-19 16:03:30

I haven't even told my family, whilst they will be ok with it, I don't want sympathy which is what they will be like. No real advice except put yourself first!

pointythings Sun 19-May-19 18:28:22

You sound like you are grieving for the loss of your marriage. That's normal and natural, but if you feel you are not getting anywhere in terms of coming out on the other side maybe you need to consider getting some counselling. I've had two lots of solution focused therapy, for different things going on in my life, and it really helped me map my way forwards, identify positives I could work towards and validate the decisions I'd made.

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