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Please tell me to get better!

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Lauralauralauralauralaura Fri 17-May-19 15:49:40

DH asked for a divorce on the 16th of April, we’ve been together 20 years and married 15, we’ve been having difficulties for two years so it wasn’t entirely unexpected but I truly believed he was my best friend in the whole world. It only took two weeks for him to show his true colours, he’s applied to family court for a custody order saying I am emotionally abusing my children. I do suffer from depression and anxiety but at the moment I am absolutely healthy and it has never affected my ability to care for my children. I’m devastated. His solicitor is extremely aggressive and my days are spent full of anxiety, I’m terrified of losing my kids. I asked him to go through mediation today which she has agreed to at least talk to me tonight although not through mediation yet. Please someone tell me that this is going to get better

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Lauralauralauralauralaura Fri 17-May-19 15:50:26

Forgot to say I have no other family and noone else for support

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stucknoue Fri 17-May-19 21:35:18

I've just spent the evening argueing about separation details so I can't tell you it gets better but I can say you are not alone. You definitely need legal advice. Perhaps contact a women's org who may have experience in manipulating h's

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