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Staying in family home after divorce with little money

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Lostwords Tue 14-May-19 12:39:33

Thinking through if we divorce and the kids and I stay in the family home, which currently my husband and I co-own outright with no mortgage. At this stage I certainly can’t afford to buy my husband out. His parents can/will help him to but/rent a new home. He could retain his share of our house if he’s willing to do this. Would I then be responsible for paying all the household bills? Currently I’m not employed, I’m at home full time with our young kids. If/when I get a job he’ll still earn about double what my salary would be. Just not sure what the financial arrangements might look like! Thanks.

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millymollymoomoo Tue 14-May-19 13:13:50

No one can tell you with such little information

If yiu are allowed to stay in the home ( and I don’t think courts favour very long mesher orders) then I think it likely you’ll be expected to pay for all costs

However, you need to get a view of all assets and work out split of those as well as any claims to spousal maintenance.

Courts prefer Clean break if possible

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Tue 14-May-19 13:44:33

Yes you'd be expected to pay your own household costs. How old are your kids and how much does your ex hubby earn?

NorthernSpirit Sat 18-May-19 16:57:32

Yes, if you live in the house you would be expected to cover all costs and household bills.

As another poster said. The courts have an obligation to consider a clean break.

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