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Telling child/children

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MumiF244 Wed 08-May-19 18:53:24

I have been in a difficult and dysfunctional relationship with my husband for about 4 years. I finally said I wanted separation / divorce 6 months ago which he refused to accept. He won’t move out of the property (and I don’t trust him to sell so also don’t want to leave) and progress has been slow. We are now seeing serious behavioural problems in our son which I think are signs of anxiety, confusion and instability (building over several years). I know our son will be aware of issues, but he doesn’t know about the divorce. I think we need to tell him, but have no idea how to convince my husband or how to go about it. Any thoughts or advice welcome. X

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spaghettiWeston Thu 09-May-19 17:18:26

MumiF244, it might be an idea to get your thread moved over to the Relationships topic - there's a lot more traffic there. I think you can just report your thread and HQ will move it over.

Sorry you're going through this. flowers

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