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What do you regret not doing during your marriage

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Yellowshirt Sun 05-May-19 02:01:55


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Yellowshirt Sun 05-May-19 02:06:45

I said every day ""I love you " I wish I had also something like "goodnight beautiful lady every single day. She only sees the bad in me now. I wish she knew I absolutely worshipped her. Yep I was a grumpy bloody sod sometimes but I absolutely loved her

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Reasonstobeearful Sun 05-May-19 02:10:28


Reasonstobeearful Sun 05-May-19 02:10:49

Not really.

Hotterthanahotthing Sun 05-May-19 02:13:01

Leaving sooner is my main regret,it has taken a long time to repair the damage to my DD.Shes better than she was but gets anxious easily and has social difficulties.

Palaver1 Sun 05-May-19 03:32:11


Birdie6 Sun 05-May-19 03:50:51

I regret staying as long as I did.

barryfromclareisfit Sun 05-May-19 03:56:50

I regret not calling the police when he tried to kill me.

Monty27 Sun 05-May-19 04:10:57

I hope you've recovered. flowers

Monty27 Sun 05-May-19 04:14:56

I regret feeling that he was better than me. He wasn't. It didn't end well. We spent a fortune on barristers and he still boasted that he spent more than me.
Oh it's a question and a half.

EmpressLesbianInChair Sun 05-May-19 06:14:01

I regret not leaving sooner.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Sun 05-May-19 07:38:18

I also regret not leaving sooner

stucknoue Sun 05-May-19 08:14:33

Actually should probably have split 10 years ago when I had no ties to this area (we moved for his job) we had sold our house and were renting.

Otter71 Sun 05-May-19 08:39:49

Same as many, should have left sooner, or ideally found a way to stay and have him go,...
To have gone on my own terms rather than being told to go and having everything I kept packed for me by STBXH... 😭

Pippioddstocking Sun 05-May-19 08:44:32

Not putting in more effort to our relationship .
He was an arse but I think I was also one too .
Getting complacent .
Bizzarly also not leaving sooner .

Why do you ask OP?

InTheHeatofLisbon Sun 05-May-19 08:46:28

Not leaving as soon as the lines came up on the pregnancy test. That's the moment in my life that stands out as making the wrong decision.

GreatMindsDontSleep Sun 05-May-19 08:56:42

Getting him to have a vasectomy so he can't start a fresh new exciting family every few years when he gets bored with the one he's got.

GrumpyOldMare Sun 05-May-19 09:08:17

Not leaving sooner. Not pressing charges sooner.

megrichardson Sun 05-May-19 09:11:07

Same here, I wish I had left a lot sooner

Frazzels Sun 05-May-19 09:19:46

I regret being so oblivious to what he was really like and tbh I regret marrying him, way too much hassle in the end

NotBeingRobbed Sun 05-May-19 10:05:32

I regret ever meeting him.

PicsInRed Sun 05-May-19 17:59:02

I wish I never met mine too.
Next best thing, wish I left first time he "disappointed" me.
Should have left when I was pregnant.
Should have left when I had a baby and he threatened to take my baby away.
All I did was delay the inevitable and allow him to subject me to years more of abuse.

Always leave the first time.

CF43 Sun 05-May-19 20:35:54

Should have left sooner, staying for the children, not wanting to disappoint my parents - very old fashioned.

Giving up my independance, should have returned to work sooner, not having my own money.

Telling him to move out and leave us alone.

I regret putting things off what should have been done, now i am scared of not having enough money for things when he has lots.

Having more me time, why do men get plenty of me time but we don't. How comes we can't sit up stairs and sulk for 3 hours because we turned 40, or dinner was late or going to bed early because we are tired. Sorry I hate him.

Palaver1 Sun 05-May-19 21:10:12

CF43 First paragraph sums me

NotBeingRobbed Sun 05-May-19 21:38:57

@CF43 me too. But now I am just starting to be proud of myself for being the first generation of my family to get divorced. Children are happier and so am I without him.

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