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Petitioner requesting the respondent pays - Fee waiver?

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Itsallchange Wed 01-May-19 19:06:34

It is the hardest! I have petitioned my H and the solicitor charged a fixed fee of £1090 for the divorce which included the court fee, I had to pay £300 to start of with and then monthly, I didn’t pay the fee up front you can check online if you will be eligible and apply if you aren’t they will just ring you for payment at the point it reaches court.

Belletower Wed 01-May-19 17:14:34

I haven't no. I was going to petition him (hence my last post) but I hit complications so I was looking in to whether he could petition me and I would pay the fee with a waiver if he requested the costs from me.

But I cant't pay it all upfront anyway, whichever route we go down it seems.

Thank you for all your help. Why does this have to be so hard sad

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Itsallchange Wed 01-May-19 17:07:05

Looking at the form you complete it doesnt ask the question, so I would say who ever has paid the fee can claim it back x

Itsallchange Wed 01-May-19 17:02:20

Have you already filed the paperwork?

Belletower Wed 01-May-19 16:53:27

OK, so as the respondent, if I agree to pay it I can then claim? The rules aren't clear at all on whether they will help me as a respondent or not.

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Itsallchange Wed 01-May-19 16:50:31

As there is only 1 fee payable to the court I guess whoever has agreed to pay it should claim?

Belletower Wed 01-May-19 15:42:07

I am negotiating an amicable divorce with my husband, been separated 2 years and have child custody and financial/asset separation in place.

I was just wondering if as a respondent I could apply for the fee waiver? it seems pretty clear cut if you are the petitioner but I can't find anything that says whether or not a respondent is eligible for a fee waiver.

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