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Stresshead123 Tue 30-Apr-19 18:46:55

Had one session of mediation (I get legal aid ex husband doesn't. He has cancelled the last two sessions that were booked says it's financial as he can't afford it (earns 70k£. He said his solicitor told him as we are agreeable on most points (just pension to negotiate). I am keeping house till autistic son 18 (hopefully if I can keep up with the mortgage & bills etc). We can just do divorce using form E. Does anyone know of this is true. I have seen solicitor who has seen mediation notes & is happy apart from pension to be sorted. Is he trying it on or is form E really cheaper & easier?

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Palaver1 Wed 01-May-19 06:12:07

But your autistic child’s needs are not going to change at 18 be careful with any arrangements made

Stresshead123 Wed 01-May-19 07:43:56

Palaver1 thanks for replying, I know my son he is very challenging & complex but I was hoping he would live with me & prepare for supported living daughter will have be out of further education so I will lose tax credits/maintenance for her etc by then so I prob couldn't afford to stay here anywhere. I should have enough left over from the sale of the house for a good deposit on a house & should only need a smallish mortgage. Although if i am still on carers allowance & can't work it will be a struggle.

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stucknoue Wed 01-May-19 11:53:02

If children have additional needs you can seek support beyond 18, plus if there's a differential in income you can for yourself. I would suggest you get specific advice on this - a spousal or periodic award to be looked at when your son is 18 is really important.

Provisionally my h has said he will fully support until youngest finishes education and training then we can renegotiate based on my salary then and if dd1 is independent (she's got asd so who knows). House transfer to my name though is still be discussed we have a similar income differential to you

Palaver1 Wed 01-May-19 23:07:52

Please do get advice

Afterthestorm Wed 01-May-19 23:15:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stresshead123 Thu 02-May-19 19:51:47

Thanks for replies. I am speaking to solicitor again before next mediation session I had a message from mediation to rebook & it mentioned my ex still doesn't have solicitor so he is talking rubbish about the form E by the sounds of it. I will book another phone appointment with solicitor for advice, although she had read the mediation notes & I mentioned my worries regarding son etc but she didn't suggest anything.

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Palaver1 Thu 02-May-19 20:58:35

Very few firms know enough about SN.

SnapesGreasyHair Tue 07-May-19 20:23:08

I have it written in as an undertaking in my consent order that XH will pay maintenance until ds1 is financially independent. He is also autistic and unlikely to leave home.

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