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Unreasonable! Am I being unfair to him

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numbbrain Tue 30-Apr-19 13:32:31

My STBXH left us in July 2016.

For 2 years I have been trying to divorce him but he is soooo slow to do anything. He earns 10 times what i do and half of the savings would help me enormously.

All this time, he has sole access to our savings (c£40k).

In that time he has bought a 4 bed house, new settee, £800 computer and various other household items.

Now we are close to having the financial agreement sorted, he wants those costs taken out of the lump sum before splitting it in half.

My view is those should come out of his half of the savings.

What do you think?

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NASA20 Tue 30-Apr-19 14:47:19

Definitely!! Leave it with your solicitor to sort out why should you fund his spending from your half of the savings? He is being total unreasonable and he knows he is.

AllFourOfThem Tue 30-Apr-19 14:48:37

Whatever was in your savings in July 2016 is what needs to be divided in two. I agree about leaving it to your solicitor to sort out.

HollowTalk Tue 30-Apr-19 14:50:25

Normally I'd agree but presumably you have furniture in your own, previously shared, house? Why should his furniture come solely out of his savings?

LemonTT Tue 30-Apr-19 15:08:59

If the ex wanted a share of the existing furniture he could and should have asked. He was unreasonable and high handed with joint assets.

Beachbodynowayready Tue 30-Apr-19 15:10:13

His new house is surely a joint asset if bought with joint savings?

numbbrain Tue 30-Apr-19 15:13:44

Hollow Talk

He took all the furniture he wanted from our house. I now have no bedroom furniture until I can afford it.

The house assets are agreed.

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wakeupsmelltheroses Tue 30-Apr-19 18:35:18

I am 6 years down the line .

decree nisi done

2 x court hearings for financials

managed to avoid Final Hearing and settled amongst ourselves and my solicitor quit on me best decision ever I even got more by negotiating amongst ourselves with my reasoning .

Plus The OW left him so karma is a wonderful thing it really is plus he is having therapy to cope with losing everything !

numbbrain Tue 30-Apr-19 18:54:42

I have a spreadsheet he sent of all the costs of setting up another home. Everything is in there, beds, dishwasher, tv units, mops, hoover, repairs etc.

I don;t think I should have to pay for those, but what is the legal position.

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