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Global maintenance advice

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DownMexicoWay Thu 25-Apr-19 13:31:15

After some advice...

My partner got divorced 4 years ago, has 3 children with his ex wife and she was awarded a significant amount of global maintenance per month until the youngest child leaves full time education.

He had paid it every month, however his circumstances are different:

- At the time of the order being made none of the children stayed with him overnight. Two of them now stay 2-3 nights per week (have done for 2 years).

- The eldest turned 18 and left school last year.

- He has moved in with me and my two children.

I know all of these things affect CHILD maintenance payments but because the judge made an order for GLOBAL am I right in thinking that the amount is fixed for the length of the term? i.e. if the child maintenance element reduces the spousal amount goes up accordingly so the overall amount remains the same?

He is wanting to reduce the amount he pays to her (because we now have the younger two children to stay and his eldest is working) but I don't think he has any case because it is a global maintenance order.

Thanks in advance.

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stucknoue Fri 26-Apr-19 15:31:17

If circumstances change you can go back to court. There's significant costs attached to this so does depends on child's ages - if they are already 14+ it might cost more in fees than the savings

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