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Can they change?

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Mami16 Thu 04-Apr-19 16:33:36


Was with my ex for 4 years, two young DC. Last year things got really bad where he was shouting and swearing. He was never there to help me with the house and DCs. I did it all and I was drained. Couldn't do it anymore. We split and he moved out then few months we were getting on really well again and he wanted to come back. In that time he had been with another woman but lied to me and said he hadn't been with anyone (she messaged me to tell me after she found out he wanted to try again) I know that whatever he did while we split had nothing to do with me but I asked him to be honest and tell me if he had and he said no. It's the lie that hurts more as I wanted a fresh start. We constantly argued about this because of the fact he lied so we split again.

It got so bad we went through court to sort contact and since we were in a room with Cafcass and both broke down he says he wants us back and for us to be a family.

I miss the family unit so much, has anyone been through something similar and it has worked?

I miss my young children when they are with him and will be missing out on special occasions such as waking up to presents from santa every other year, the experiences every other weekend. They will never run in to our room and see mum and dad and them jumping on our bed. It's the little things.

It's so hard as my family do not like him because of the way he treated me last year but a part of me thinks we only needed time and talk but we didn't get the chance and it took us to go to court to realise what we both actually want.

Anyone able to give advice?

I don't want to regret giving him another chance, but don't want to be a fool and upset my family if he hasn't changed and it won't last. He says he's changed and wants me to give him another chance, this would be his third chance now. Can things be good again? Help!

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Palaver1 Fri 05-Apr-19 06:33:40

Only you can make this decision it’s a hard one definitely go for some sort of relationship c

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