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DH adament he's leaving but still loving

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Summerdreamss Sun 10-Mar-19 13:00:24

He has put deposit down elsewhere saying it's for the best yet he's still affectionate. Not sex but hugs, I'm guessing this is part of the process of him letting go?
Any experiences?

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madcatladyforever Sun 10-Mar-19 13:01:19

Guilt in my experience.

Summerdreamss Sun 10-Mar-19 13:08:01

He gets depression and anxiety and many issues he can't resolve. Yes guilt of leaving me and the kids and giving up

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PiebaldHamster Sun 10-Mar-19 13:12:02

Start putting in boundaries. 'No, you're not allowed to do that. You have left the relationship.' 'No, I'm not having that. You have left the relationship.' 'You are not permitted to do that anymore. We are not in a relationship.'

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