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What should I do?

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melanieb32 Sat 09-Mar-19 19:21:06

I'm new to this, I'm a mum of a little boy 3 and a half been married for 5 years, since my little one came along my oh has been selfish disinterested in lour unhelpful etc he's been like this forb3 and a half years and I know it's not going to get any better he's short tempered with my lo resents having to do anything with him it's an effort for him to do 1 bath a week. Tonight has been the last straw and I know what I want to do I guess I'm just scared of taking that step and am looking for a bit of reassurance, oh has worked till lunChristmas I've been at home with lo as he has had a couple his week so wanted to keep him home and warm oh comes home gets changedling and goes to pub comes home 2 hours later with a matebwho hebtakesnhome an horse later atb4pm and gets back at pm at which point lo is having his tea he plays with him for 30 mins lol says at 6. 45 he wants to go to bed and wants oh to do it, normally it's me, oh declares he is starving and going to macdonalds first! He's had 2 hours to do this and lo wants to go to bed I just despair that oh will not help at all I want to leave but obs worried about money house etc just think I need to do it sooner rather than later

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