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Child is 13 months - child contacts query!!

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TwoRoundabouts Sat 02-Mar-19 13:56:01

Has your OH or his parents been reported to social services or convicted of anything abuse related? If not then you cannot ask for supervised contact or control where he goes with your child as long as it is in England and Wales. If you try to your ex is within his rights to cause you a load of trouble over child arrangements. Judges will actually side with him to maintain contact with your child as you are both the child's parent.

The best thing for you to do is be "nice" to your ex and suggest child friendly places he can go to outside his parents' house your child will enjoy. Fathers tend to like playing with their children and doing activities with them. If you can get discount vouchers for the places then give them to the ex. If there are things like swimming lessons going on at that time suggest your ex does it with your child telling him it is do they can have a stronger bond.

EllaD26 Fri 01-Mar-19 23:12:34

*Separated from husband due to domestic violence.
* 6 months since separation. Husband only came to see baby 4 times!! The last time he came to see her was 6 weeks ago.
*He now wants to have her for 2 hours each weekend. She is 13 months now.

Q, Could I ask for supervised contact (by a trusted friend)? Where should these contacts take place?
**I don't want him to take her to his house as he lives with his parents and they are both alcoholic.

Please help!!!

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